Nell Parker

  • Frack Off!, ink on paper, 14"x10"
  • Our Lady of the Polar Bear, ink on paper, 14"x10"
  • The Bramble Mother, ink on paper, 14"x10"
  • Power Lines, ink on paper, 10"x14"
  • Power Cord Medusa, ink on paper, 10"x14"

Nell Parker is an artist living in Portland, Oregon. Her work is pursuant to a life-long interest in the ecology of place, the interrelationship of culture to nature, and the relationship of the physical body to the earth body. By drawing metaphorical connections between our physical bodies and our surrounding world she hopes to elicit greater empathy in the viewer and reveal the underlying parallel violences of oppression and resource extraction.

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    • Portland, OR
      US - Pacific
    • 5039844691

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