Nette Urban Sky

  • Exhibit seeds guest in the sculpture garden from Japanese artists Atsuko& Kuniko Kato Fürth 2014
  • Hortus balcony award winner 2017-2022
  • Award from Deutschland summt. Nature Balkon. Erlangen 2019 Flower powerTransportation by bike
  • Balkon Award 2019 UN Decade Biologische Vielfalt Biodiversity
  • From Nothing to Paradies ( oder 100 species living and visiting on 8m2
  • Dog walks inspiration
  • Walking connecting with present moment
  • Wildbees planting & documentary sleeping flowers
  • Interactive garden family project in our home garden


Artist statment:

“I continue Thay through my Photographs/Videos showing the beauty of nature during our dog walks.”

Naturbalcony – biodiversity- healing- meditation- ( nano)photo/video- plants – urban gardening projects-global warming- food-social sculpture- empathy

1994-96Botanical Garden Erlangen

1996-2002 University of applied Arts

Freie Hochschule Kunstseminar

2000- 2002 Carnegie Mellon Bachelor of Science and Art Program BSA Artwork with Scanning electron microscope. SEM of fernspores. Community outreach.

Bioneers conference Inspiration first contact with WEAD


Hortus Balkonien 2016-2022

7 years Art& Natur Project on my balkony

Hortus Netzwerk and this project is part of the Biodiversity award of the United Nations.



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