Nicole Fournier

Nicole Fournier is an artist, activist and founder and director of InTerreArt. She has exhibited her art internationally for more than two decades. Since 1996, her art practice has been infused with a concern for the environment. In 2002 she began working with an interdisciplinary approach between art and environment, outside of sanctioned art institution (galleries and museum) with her intervention in a gmo cornfield “Corn field performances”. By 2004, her art practice become solution based and she began engaging communities in actions and education of alternative agriculture systems (to the industrial based monoculture system) and by 2005 her action were intentionnally to maximize biodiversity with polyagriculture-food-medicine systems, in your own backyard with the project that got her most known “Live Dining” . Her work has always been about research and the development of concepts, and recently, since 2009 ongoing, she draws with a biodiversity of freshly harvested edible medicinal flowers, fruits and leaves of wild and cultivated plants, conceptually redefining the idea of drawing as a form of eating through absorption through the skin. This conceptual performance she call “ Récolter, dessiner, cuisiner, nourrir” (harvest, draw, cook, nourish).

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    • Montréal, Québec,
      North America(not US)

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