Normi Burke

  • Marine Metaphors 1 mixed media on paper
  • Marine Metaphors 2 mixed media on paper
  • Marine Metaphors 3
  • Marine Metaphors 4 mixed media on paper
  • Connective Tissue mixed media on panel

Normi Burke is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. Living on the coast of California forces attention to water, drought, flooding, fire and a need for awareness and environmental defense. Burke’s most recent work, Marine Metaphors, explores a visual representation of the development of interspecies relationships with marine life. This work signifies interest in discovery and experimentation with mixed materials and methods that will embody the layers and complexity of the subjects. Photographic processes are embedded into the work to sharpen and influence allegorical meaning. The Marine Metaphors series is intended as environmental activism; a directive to see the beauty and dire necessity of protecting our oceans.

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    • Pacific Grove, CA
      US - Pacific

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