Mariska Ondrich

MAriska (MA)-Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art

I am an eco-spiritual artist, living in Southern Tamil Nadu, India. My paintings celebrate and symbolize the sacred immanent Mother-Goddesses-Mother Earth and Nature : the Earth-, Wild Nature-, Tree-, Plant-, Healing Herbs-, Fire-, Water-, River-, Ocean-, Air-, Sky-, Bird-, Animal and Snake-Mothers, Their immense power that I also feel inside myself. They are painted spontaneously, expressing my deep feelings of love and affection for Them. They are always inside, beside and with me. The Earth and Wild Nature Mothers – Mother Earth and Nature are my source of inspiration and creativity. Indeed, we paint together. For me, creating a painting is a meditation on and celebration of Them. My paintings are a visualization – a visualization of a world where everybody venerates, respects and honors the sacred immanent Mother-Goddesses- Mother Earth and Nature. They are the source of all life! They are life!  For my paintings, I use only self-made natural colors.

Further, through my paintings, viewers shall re-connect to Mother Earth and Nature and feel and realize Their healing energy.

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