Marian Osher

  • Tatanka 1, acrylic wall hanging on canvas, 48
  • White Buffalo, acrylic wall hanging on canvas, 48�h x 60�w �2008
  • The Emptying Ocean, acrylic painting with dream catcher, 40�h x 30�w �2008
  • Meltdown, acrylic painting with dream catcher, 40�h x 30�w �2008
  • Warming, acrylic painting with dream catcher, 40�h x 30�w �2008
  • Airescape 1, Mixed-media acrylic painting, 30�h x 40�w �2010
  • Airescape 6, Mixed-media acrylic painting, 24�h x 30�w �2010
  • Airescape 7, Mixed-media acrylic painting, 24�h x 30�w �2010
  • Airescape 10, Mixed-media acrylic painting, 30�h x 40�w �2010
  • Airescape 11, Mixed-media acrylic painting, 24�h x 30�w �2010

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Artwork: painting, wall hangings, printmaking

My art explores the universal connections of diverse cultures, spirituality and living in harmony with the environment. I usually work thematically on a body of artwork that provides new insights and opportunities for enlightenment and personal growth. I have learned that letting go of expectations and ego allows me to have fun while exploring the creative process.

My in-flight fascination with the textures and abstractions of the earth and clouds inspired me to create mixed media paintings and wall hangings that helped to combat my fear of flying. My 2010 solo show at Ceres Gallery (NYC), Fearless Flying!  (April 27 – May 23, 2010), also shares in writing the personal experiences that contributed to my fear, including my 9/11 flight, as well as the various “tools” that have enabled me to return to flying without fear.

Seen Unseen synthesized my fascination with the textures of the urban world of NYC and my experiences as an eco artist. (New Art Center, NYC, March, 2010)

The monotypes I created for eyetinerary focused on discovering beauty and wonders on familiar pathways in Maryland and Delaware (Washington Printmakers Gallery, DC, June 2009).

Volunteering in Montana for the Buffalo Field Campaign fueled my desire to learn about diverse environmental issues. Dream Quest featured large colorful buffalo wall hangings and dream catchers suspended over paintings that explore universal connections between human spirituality, the non-human animal world and living in harmony with the environment. (Ceres Gallery, March 2008). I also highlighted environmental red flags in Earth Matters, a solo show of monotype prints. (Washington Printmakers Gallery, DC, September 2007).

My artistic journey also includes art that celebrates the connection between changing kaleidoscopic designs and music. I find that music enhances the letting go process, leading me to intuitive color choices. Creating these images helps me to appreciate opportunities for personal growth in the changing patterns and cycles of life and nature. (Vibes at Washington Printmakers Gallery, DC, 2004)

When I created the monoprints for Connections, I explored diverse spiritualities using the mandala as a unifying visual tool. Developing this body of artwork was a life-changing experience that helped me to deeply feel the connection that we have with all of nature and with each other. (Washington Printmakers Gallery, DC, 2004)

Marian Osher has lived in Montgomery County, Maryland most of her life. She received her BA from the University of Maryland and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from George Washington University. Her artwork has been shown in numerous exhibits in the U.S. as well as in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Museum of Modern Art in Argentina and shows in Brazil, Belgium and India. Although she was a stone lithographer for many years, she has chosen to create paintings, wall hangings, monotypes and monoprints using acrylics and other water-soluble environmentally friendly media since 2000.

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