Parnian Mahmoudzadeh tussi

  • Planting the pots brought smiles on their faces. So, we became friends!
  • Kids are incredible! They literally invented a new way of leaf-printing.
  • This is the old leaf-printing which is easy and famous among art teachers. If it is designed to equip children with " Plant Diversity Knowledge" then it is better to perform it with different types of leaves having various texture, size and shapes.
  • A collaborative artwork which is performed by 6th grade students. They created a deciduous tree (they had a good conversation about it and truly enjoyed it).
  • Now, they are satisfied with the outcome!

Parniyan M. Toosi loves Nature and Art. Graduated from Biodiversity with a master thesis on Eco-art Education to Children, she enjoys creating artwork with natural elements, viewing eco-artists work, and teaching Eco-art to young people. She believes that this genre of art, Eco-art, not only seeks to preserve, remediate and/or vitalize the life forms on earth or biosphere, but also is an outstanding medium for opening a dialogue with individuals

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    • Tehran,
      Middle East

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