Lynn Stephenson

  • Encased
  • Embedded
  • Still Standing
  • Errant Feather
  • Small Things Matter
  • Inundated
  • Big Ass Bolt
  • Peace Wood
  • Intertwined
  • Attached

I work in an extremely detailed and realistic style, but unlike photorealism I strive for an exaggerated softness to reflect nature’s fragility.

During the past few years I have been concentrating on environmental effects climate change has had on my home state of Michigan. Many pieces contain various shoreline features like trees and undergrowth overtaken by, or old worn wooden structures uncovered by, record high lake levels. Others concern treasured bits of my childhood that are disappearing, like some butterfly, bumblebee, dragonfly and flowering plant species.

I strongly believe pleasant images can be used to convey powerful messages. Initially I want the aesthetics of my art to draw in and engage viewers. The environmental issue at it is heart is revealed when one realizes what my drawings actually illustrate.

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    • Traverse City, MI
      US - East
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