Petra Kuppers

  • Salamander Project, Neil Marcus and Petra Kuppers
  • Helping Dance Hawai'i, photographer Mareva Minerbi
  • Salamander Project, Neil Marcus and Chia-Yi Seetoo
  • Helping Dance, Washington Mall, photographer Cheryl Kaplan
  • Earth Stories, work with mental health system survivors in Wales
  • Christchurch Masquerade, working with people deemed to have cognitive difference in the rubble fields of the post-quake city
  • Salamander Project: Josie Noble, Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Drawing of a Michigan Salamander, created as part of meditative actions

Petra Kuppers is the Artistic Director of The Olimpias (, an artists’ collective. We create collaborative, research-focused environments open to people with physical, emotional, sensory and cognitive differences and their allies. We usually meet in public parks and other open outdoor places, and make disability visibility part of our creative engagement with each other and our world, focusing on biodiversity and respectful engagement with the land. We use presence, slowness, pedestrian movements, a poetics of words and bodies, and the deep affective register of touch to share our beauty and our critique. Resulting videos, photographs, community writing and installations have travelled around the world.
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    • Ann Arbor, MI, MI
      US - Pacific

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