Patricia Larenas

  • The Satake Oak 10280x14286, (663+838), 150%, a, 1/30 s, R57.2, G27.5, B40.9

My artwork highlights the fragility and the sacredness of Nature, as experienced through the lens of trees. This work is place-based, with intentional processes and selection of materials that emerge from a deep empathy with my subject.  My current practice of collecting local soils, plus charcoal from wildfires to make paint, together with my use of renewable, recycled, or handmade papers, can be viewed in part as my response to  art-making in the context of the global environmental and climate crisis.

I believe that a path to healing our  planet and ourselves exists through reforging our broken connection with nature, which requires approaches rooted in both science and the spirit. My evolving processes are a reflection of such a path and include: working on location, making paint from foraging local pigments, hand made papermaking with sustainable materials, and nature study.

I value my collaborations and associations with nonprofit organizations whose mission is to promote conservation, nature education, and a response to climate change.

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    • Mountain View, CA
      US - Pacific
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