Patti Trimble

  • Woman in Forest 2020 oil on linen 38x39"
  • Woman in Sea 2022 oil on linen 14x16"
  • People in a Field 38x48" oil on linen 2022
  • Man in Briars 2 oil on linen 37x47" 2021
  • Forest Walk oil on linen 39x42" 2020
  • Man Diving Into Field 38x50 2021 oil on linen
  • Man in Briars oil on linen 38x48 2021
  • Sheltered Place oil on linen 36x50"
  • Woman Crawling Under Chrysanthemum 2021
  • Man Crouching Under Flowers 47x37 2021 oil on linen
  • Endangered Cushenbury Buckwheat, oil on linen, 38x38"

Patti Trimble’s lifelong study of nature and the poetic image—honed first in the 80s as exhibiting painter and assistant to painters James Brooks, Hedda Sterne, and Richard Pousette-Dart; and in the 90s and 00s as a freelance science writer and performance poet—has evolved into a postpastoral meditation on the interdependency of all things. Her current paintings focus on humanity’s engagement with landscape and personal experiences of spaces and places, both in the “real” world and in the realm of intuitive gestural painting. She paints in her studios in Northern California and Southern Italy, and—less frequently now—performs lyric poetry with music in the U.S. and Europe. She Her essays and poems are widely published with awards from Adirondack Review, Atlanta International Poetry Contest, Djerassi Residency, Poets&Writers, Lannan Foundation, and a Pushcart nomination.



The big story of course is who we are as humans, a story critical to what comes next on the planet. And for me, in my concern for our fragile Earth, I am endlessly wondering about how the actual relationship humans have with landscape and so-called wild nature differs from the stories we usually tell, and the restrictions of our vocabularies. I mean by this: <em>What are we actually doing here? It seems imperative for visual artists to find strong poetic images for the climate/anthropocene conversation, stories of experience and felt understandings about our relationships to every little thing. My practice is to wait quietly for the seed of an image, an urge to paint something uncommon that I somehow unknowingly know. I am learning to be less willful, to follow intuition towards images absurd and metaphorical. Because this language, visual information, is understood intuitively and so often expresses what words cannot: our bond with living and non-living entities; our deep love for the natural world; a million unspoken, nonverbal interactions; our real knowledge of how Earth moves into and through us.

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