Qinqin Liu

  • Climate Color Sphere I, II, II Mixed media collage with watercolor, acrylic, natural objects, reflecting climate before after 1800s industrial revolution in deep time
  • Vulnerability Window; Mixed media collage with watercolor, acrylic, tissue papers and burned forest objects collected from Yosemite watershed after the fire; Informed by the climate-water modeling research.
  • Upstream, Mixed media collage with acrylic, Chinese ink and upcycled materials.
  • Endangered, Natural object sculptural painting with sands and salts
  • Forest Symbiosis, Mixed media collage with water-based oil, acrylic, upcycled materials, forest soils, roots and natural objects
  • Sculptural painting with watercolor, acrylic and burned plant ashes, reflecting struggle of salmon with changing climate
  • Climate Footprint; Mixed media collage with acrylic, rice paper, natural fiber, and calligraphy
  • Endangered, Monotype print and collage with rice paper cut, salts, sands, and vinegar, depicting troubled water for cold water fish species;
  • Changing Life Cycle, Mixed media collage with water-based oil, acrylic, Chinese calligraphy and foil imprints of leaves’ life cycle with implication of changing climate
  • Sun, Earth and Climate; Mixed media collage with acrylic, oil pastel, rice paper, and multicultural calligraphy
  • Landscaping mapping with plant tissues, rice paper, Chinese ink and acrylics

I am an accomplished interdisciplinary artist and scientist with a Ph. D in botany and ecology study.  Connecting humanity’s heart, mind, and soul to art and science with nature, environments, and culture is my life’s journey.  I have a long-term passion for the interplay of art and environments, especially with deep concerns about the changing climate on Mother Earth. My experimental art practice includes using unconventional nature materials, multicultural calligraphy, drawing, Chinese ink, watercolor, and mixed media collage with rice paper, plant tissues, and natural objects (http://www.drqliu-artscience.com/; https://www.instagram.com/qinqin_paints/). I was taught Chinese rice paper painting and calligraphy before coming to the US. Integrating Chinese calligraphy, culture, and design elements into Western art styles and connecting art, ecology, and nature with humanity contribute to the unique character of my contemporary artworks. My art projects foster conversations for art-science collaboration and creative activism for urgent climate actions in California, New York, Oregon, Europe, and  Asia coastal regions.  These artworks have been selected for exhibitions including National Science Museum in Taipei, California Art Center Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Duluth Art Museum, the California State University Gallery, Artistic Edge Gallery, Galway International Art Festival Open Studio, and International Ecology Conference. My artworks have been collected in the US, Asia, and Europe.  Recently I was selected as a visiting artist with a two-person exhibition at California State University-Sacramento.  This exhibition, “Echo Climate” is an extension of my living eco-art projects addressing deep time, sustainability, risk of drought and fire, and global actions, including examples such as “Climate Color Spheres I, II, III”, “Vulnerability Window”, “Sun, Earth, and Climate.” and international publications.

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