Toby Rabiner

I am committed to help create a new paradigm of cooperation with nature by way of creating educational programs to increase our knowledge and understanding of how nature works, and our role and responsibilities to the next generation, so that we can learn to cooperate with nature’s immense power then we can live in it harmoniously. I would also like to exhibit my work at receptive institutions, galleries, and to affiliate with groups dedicated to maintaining ecosystems.

I have a unique personal knowledge of endangered species through extensive travel in threatened ecosystems around the world; Amazonian and Central American rainforests, Central and South American cloud forests, South American plains (Los llanos), South American wetlands (Pantanal), as well as South East Asian rainforests. I would like to extend my experience through residencies overseas, where the ecosystems are under threat.

In conclusion please accept my application to be listed in your directory and display one of my images in the listing. Please also send me the directory and bill me at the address below.

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