Rachael Davis

  • "River", 2021, acrylic wash, watercolor crayons, pastel, salt, sand, tissue paper, organic debris on paper, 84" x 54"
  • "Field", 2018, 108" x 72", acrylic wash, pastel, conte crayon, sand, dirt, organic debris on paper
  • "Field" - detail
  • "Frack Fluid". 2015, Acrylic wash, pastel, conte crayon, sand, grass, salt on paper. 88" x 42.5"
  • "Frack Fluid" detail
  • “To Imagine That Which We Know” - (Shelly), 2014. 72” x 108” Acrylic wash, white conte, watercolor crayon, salt, paper pulp, organic debris on paper
  • "To Imagine That Which We Know" -DETAIL
  • “Action Field”, 2013. acrylic wash, watercolor crayon, conte on paper, 50 “ x 55.5”
  • "Action Field" -DETAIL
  • "Turf". Acrylic wash, salt, grass, white conte, watercolor crayon on paper. 49 x 50"
  • "Turf" -DETAIL
  • ”Rock and Air”, acrylic wash, sand, conte, paper on wood panel, 2013, 19” x 26”
  • "Water and Ash". China marker and charcoal on paper. 50 x 74"

My work considers the influence of solastalgia to our perceptions of the natural environment. Our eco-biographies are changing at a pace that is difficult to navigate due to climate change. These large scale drawings encourage the viewer to an experience of immersion. The white lines represent ideas about interconnectivity infused with a deep concern for the earth’s fragile ecological systems. Encapsulations of images furrow the surface of the paper. A fingerprint, a whale’s underbelly, or rising waters are suggested as the viewer oscillates with macro and micro visions of the earth.

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      US - Mountain
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