Rachael McCampbell

  • "Flowings," Oil on Galvanized Steel Mobius Strip, 4.5' w x 3.5' h x 3.5' d by Rachael McCampbell © 2019
  • "A Time Chosen," Oil on panel, 40" x 40" by Rachael McCampbell ©2018
  • "Encroachment," Oil on panel, 36" x 36" by Rachael McCampbell ©2018
  • "My Refuge, My Fortress," Oil on panel, 36" x 36" by Rachael McCampbell ©2018
  • "Cataloochee Cove," Oil on panel, 24"h x 36"w by Rachael McCampbell ©2018
  • "A Passionate Belief," Oil on panel, 36" x 36" by Rachael McCampbell ©2018
  • "Remember This Place," Oil on panel, 20" x 20" by Rachael McCampbell ©2018

The greatest influence in my life was the farm I grew up on in Tennessee. My relationship with the eco-systems there were central to the fabric of my upbringing. When our farm was taken by eminent domain to build an industrial park, the destruction of our land was devastating.

I went on to live in urban areas but the farm never left me–nature has inspired my work. I approach landscapes subjectively, focusing on how the land makes me feel than on what it actually looks like.

I moved back to Tennessee where I observe the rapid loss of open spaces due to gross urban development. I’ve painted about this in a series called “Encroachment.” Using chandeliers as metaphors of opulence and entitlement, they hover — man-made intruders looming like spaceships above the landscapes that they are inherently removing.

I hope to help raise awareness through y art for smart urban growth, not rampant expansion without consideration of our water, air, animals, views and health.

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