Rae Broyles

  • Secrets of the Marianna Trench 60x48 Mixed Media
  • Night Swimming 40x60 Mixed Media
  • Encaustic Glacier and Dress Installation/Show
  • Glacier One Encaustic
  • Encaustic Monoprint - Jelly One

My work reflects environmental issues of water. Both deep waters of the oceans and the frozen arctic glaciers. These encaustic works are reflections of the amazing glaciers we are in danger of losing. Their disappearance affects not only wildlife and the arctic climate but also the overall stability of the planet.
Encaustic Monoprints of Jellyfish and my Marianna Trench series celebrate some of the endangered species of the oceans.

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    • Roswell, GA
      US - East
    • 7707148841

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