Aviva Rahmani

My ideas evolved from activist performance work in the sixties, feminist art practice and an interest in city planning from a young age. Dreams, intuitive and ritualized strategies are part of my methodology.

Publically, I have always worked performatively and in collaboration, often with scientists. My presentational means have ranged from found sound mixed with bel canto singing, virtual and digital technologies to painted murals of geomorphic relationships. Stand alone painting is a very personal form for me. It is where I have always privately worked out my theoretical grounding.

The basis of my ecological art work, including the recent project, Gulf to Gulf, is grounded in a theory I have developed of Trigger Point environmental triage. Trigger Point theory means applying traditional aesthetic tools for the analysis of small, carefully chosen areas of degraded coastal landscape to leverage large landscape healing. I call that “good housekeeping” for the earth.

Source: www.avivarahmani.com

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    • Vinalhaven Island, ME
      US - East

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