Raquel Rabinovich

Raquel Rabinovich is a contemporary artist working in a wide variety of media, including drawing, collage, painting, sculpture and installation. Born in Buenos Aires, she has lived and worked in the United States since 1967. Rabinovich has been the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships, most recently the 2011-12 Lee Krasner Award for Lifetime Achievement from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation. In 2012 she was interviewed for inclusion in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Rabinovich’s art has always been informed by an underlying fascination with the concealed aspects of reality, by that which we don’t see, that which seems to be invisible. Equally, she has been captivated by the process of how something emerges into view from concealment. Working across mediums, this is the essence of her artwork, now and for the last 50 years.

Her recent and current work includes two ongoing series: Emergences and River Library. Emergences are site-specific stone sculpture installations constructed on the shores of the Hudson River that become concealed and revealed with the rising and falling of the river tides. River Library is a series of drawings made with sediment from rivers from around the world. Mud in these drawings embodies the history of the Earth and of humankind, functioning like a text that provides a trace, a memory of our existence.

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    • Rhinebeck, NY
      US - East
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