Regina Gilligan

  • Mural for Panhandle Annex, Richmond, CA
  • Graphite rubbing and sewing on rice paper
  • Death certificate in insect script, Pacific Crest Trail, 2018, Graphite on rice paper
  • Sierra story, 24"x36", graphite on rice paper
  • immigrant stories collaged onto hydrocal cast birds on carved walnut world map migration routes, 2017
  • Homestead, m/m, battery back-up leds metal wood, woven paper, women and children waiting, 2017
  • Rowing to Russia, stay or flee, home or boat, colored pencil, 2019
  • Tracing the tides, Rowing to Russia, graphite and ink on paper, 2019
  • Checking currents, Rowing to Russia, graphite on paper, 2019
  • Sail away, monoprint, collage, part of an installation about migration

Visual Artist, Painter/Muralist and Sculptor/Installations and Bridgemaker Arts Board President and Curator. Born in Philadelphia, lived in San Francisco and now in Richmond. Received a BFA/MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Art gives rhythm to my life rhymes; working artist, children, marriage, jobs of all sorts and commitments to community, volunteering and advocacy.

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    • Richmond, CA
      US - Pacific

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