Regina Gilligan

  • Mural for Panhandle Annex, Richmond, CA
  • Graphite rubbing and sewing on rice paper
  • Death certificate in insect script, Pacific Crest Trail, 2018, Graphite on rice paper
  • Sierra story, 24"x36", graphite on rice paper
  • immigrant stories collaged onto hydrocal cast birds on carved walnut world map migration routes, 2017
  • Homestead, m/m, battery back-up leds metal wood, woven paper, women and children waiting, 2017
  • Rowing to Russia, stay or flee, home or boat, colored pencil, 2019
  • Tracing the tides, Rowing to Russia, graphite and ink on paper, 2019
  • Checking currents, Rowing to Russia, graphite on paper, 2019
  • Sail away, monoprint, collage, part of an installation about migration

Visual Artist, Painter/Muralist and Sculptor/Installations and Bridgemaker Arts Board President and Curator. The compelling stories of our times from environmental and political to the personal inspire my art making and I choose materials often recycled from my work life and that are evocative, with layers of associations. I received a BFA/MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Art gives rhythm to my life rhymes; working artist, children, marriage, jobs of all sorts and commitments to community, volunteering and advocacy.


I designed and painted a mural in Richmond, the theme: bring back the natives: planting trees and plants that are hosts for endangered insects, butterfly, birds and animals  lost to habitat destruction, pollutants… with an historical perspective honoring the Ohlone and their land what was and no longer is.

With BridgemakerArts I organized Earth Day at Point Molate Beach Park  collaborating with local non-profits (Richmond Shoreline Alliance, Sierra Club, Citizens for Eastshore Parks) for a community event with music, art, and naturalist led hikes to bring attention to the need to protect this land for a park and not the proposed luxury condo development.

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    • Richmond, CA
      US - Pacific

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