Renée Owen

  • Transplants: An elegy to trees & the clear-cutting of non-native flora. Paper pages ecoprinted with leaves, roots, seeds, kitchen scraps & rusty metal. Aren’t we all invasive species?
  • Vanishing Act: An old wooden letterpress type case houses a time capsule of handbound miniature books, vintage photos & objects from bygone towns & libraries, all vanishing.
  • Stitchwork: An homage to grandmothers “women’s work.” Markmaking embroidery, like blood from needle pricks, on coptic bound pages of needlework patterns & vintage covers.
  • On the Backs of Slaves: The history of coffee in rusty objects of torture & woven coffee filters, paper fragile as skin, the red thread like stitches sewn into whip marks on a slave's back.
  • Lost in the Forest: An invitation to tread lightly on the earth. Naturally dyed and ecoprinted pages of embroidered plants, silk covers and calligraphied poetry in a felt wrapper.
  • Extinct: Illuminating mankind's destruction of our natural world. An accordion wire-bound book of bones, vintage book cloth, scrap metal & found objects on a redwood slab.
  • Resuscitation: Linen quilt of old book cloth from landfill books, vintage book spines, paper, embroidery & frottage, in homage to the disappearing practice of reading real books.
  • Hole in the Moon: A modern Victorian book of days, this sculptural, multi-layered book encapsulates the seasons, poetry and found objects from the artist’s daily walks.
  • Insect Life: A curiosity cabinet of natural & found objects. Artist-made box with ecoprinted vintage silk, housing a mini handbound book of Victorian pages on the life of bugs.
  • Sliding Home: Silhouettes from vintage photos, embroidery & original poetry connect us to our roots, the artist’s ancestors, and the slower rhythms of the south in the last century.

Renée Owen’s book and fiber art combines repurposed, found objects with paper, natural dye, mark-making thread, and calligraphy, elevating the detritus of everyday life to newfound purpose and meaning. The richly tactile assemblages embody a wabi sabi aesthetic, finding beauty in reuse and the rustic simplicity of imperfection. Nuanced work which communicates a keen awareness of conservation, preservation and impermanence, her work celebrates each small moment. Sometimes startling, always revealing, it exposes and explores the fragility of the natural world, our daily lives and our connections with one another. Living and working in Northern California as a psychotherapist, Renée has exhibited her award-winning art in numerous juried shows. It is held in both public & private collections, and was featured in Lark’s 500 Handmade Books, Vol. II. Her poetry, featured in many of her artists’ books, is published internationally in print & online journals and in Alone on a Wild Coast, an award-winning collection from Snapshot Press. Renée is passionate about combining her poetry with music, and performs in a variety of settings. Contact her for more information, at

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