Robin Dintiman

  • Nature's Will: Resiliency, install of show 8/2018
  • Wall of the Dead / We are All Connected
  • Her Childhood is Lost to Me

I work out of necessity to articulate life’s complexity.

I have found reverie in the natural environment. I am sure it is the “waitingness” of it, as well as the “beckoning forth”, that allows me a safe haven. This natural environment is our home. The pace of it is slow, enduring, allowing space for vulnerability. Vulnerability and the intimacy created by this grace of space is the human condition.

Dintiman has received fellowships from the Yaddo Corporation, Dorland’s Mountain Colony, Haystack School and Cooper Union. Her work—including sculptures, installation, prints, drawings, and collages—has been exhibited in venues such as ICPNY, Center for Photographic Arts, Christy’s Mid Town and many venues across the country and abroad. Her works are included in permanent collections of the Philadelphia Art Museum, the National Museum for Women in the Arts, the Chrysler Museum, and The Arkansas Museum of Art, Grace Cathedral San Francisco and Toyobo Senior Center, Osaka. She is currently an A.I.R, National Fellows Artist, which is the oldest women’s run cooperative located in Brooklyn, NY.

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    • Oakland CA 94608
    • 510-812-2799

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