Rosalind Lowry

  • Bog Women of Ireland, White clay installation, County Monaghan, 2021, 3ft x 30ft, commission for Queen's University Belfast
  • The Ark, fallen branches of native woodlands, Belfast Cathedral, 2020, 20ft x 20ft, commissioned by Belfast Cathedral
  • Lightworks, powder coated steel, County Donegal, 5ft long, 2022, commissioned by Donegal County Council
  • Endangered Species List 481, bog dyed Irish linen with hawthorn branches and stitch, 183cms x 38cms, 2021, commissioned by University of Ulster for Conflict Textiles Collection
  • Blue Eyed Grass on the boglands of County Tyrone, kinetic installation, 2021, 20ft x 5ft, commissioned by UK Heritage Lottery
  • Newmills Old Fire, 100 year old charcoal on paper, 5ft x 5ft, 2021, commission for Queen's University, Belfast as part of Archaeology Department Project
  • Reindeer Lichen, white clay installation, County Tyrone boglands, 2021, 2ft x 2ft, commissioned by UK Heritage Lottery
  • Lichen No.2, paper installation, 2021, 3ft x 1ft, bogland installation, commissioned by Lough Neagh Partnership
  • Purple Moor Grass, perspex installation, boglands of County Tyrone, 2021, 4ft x 20cms, commissioned by UK Heritage Lottery
  • Seedbank, plant and seed samples, acrylic globes, installation on boglands of County Tyrone, 2021, 3ft x 1ft, commissioned by UK Heritage Lottery

Rosalind Lowry is an artist from Ireland who works with a range of media to create site specific land art, installations and sculpture. She attended Chelsea School of Art and St. Martin’s School of Art in London, and in 2021 she was made a Member of The Royal Society of Sculptors. Through numerous solo and collaborative projects she has delivered works internationally and across Ireland and she has just completed a 2 year Artist in Residence project on the peatlands of County Tyrone for the UK Heritage Lottery and Lough Neagh Partnership, delivering a series of site specific sculptures and installations on the peatlands.

The main influences on her work are the historical human commodification of the land by man, the disappearing Irish landscape and its heritage and folklore, leading to ecological destruction and social conflict, and the presence and labour of women in the Irish landscape.

Her focus is working in response to place, and using art as an intervention. This has led her to creating large scale site specific work for regional environmental and nature preservation organisations.

The majority of her work is temporary, in the form of installations. These pieces will then be dismantled and reused in future works, thus creating a lineage and root system throughout her practice, where materials from works made several years ago can still live on in new pieces.

Scale is an important feature of her work, and pushing the materials used, and although her work is created to highlight issues, she would always hope to deliver this as a poetic and beautiful conclusion, paying tribute to the land, heritage, and resilience of the subject.

Using her work as a way to connect people and issues, her work has a social aspect, and for this she was awarded 2nd place from The Institute for Art & Innovation in Berlin in 2021.

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