A.E. Ryan

My work is a synthesis of image and narrative-a melding of painting and sculpture . My palette is a myriad of found and reclaimed objects and paint. It ranges from the magical to the mundane- from discarded and transformed wood and metal objects to fabrics, old trims and ephemera, acrylic paints and gels, oil stick and washes and glazes. The realized pieces celebrate the textures, colors and compositions peculiar to found, cannibalized and recodified objects.

The surfaces are crafted in an overlayed fashion, suggesting ambiguous and illusionistic spaces. Homage is paid to Gothic and Early Renaissance Mediterranean iconic art and architecture, tempered by a contemporary wry and ironic sensibility. Shifts in scale and plane abound unexpectantly. I enjoy moving back and forth in these works from those that seem reliquary-like, to those that speak of architecture and climate. They seem to present the interior and the exterior, and easily compliment each other.

Images and ideas gleaned from the Surrealists, as well as the early Sienese painters are reflected in many of the compositions. A profound appreciation for destinations like Italy, southern France, Spain and the Caribbean colors my sense of place and longing.

I am, admittedly, a compulsive personality and can spend tireless hours obsessing over my materials. It’s probably safe to say, also, that I would probably be far more productive if it weren’t for the fact that my kitchen is strategically situated between my studio and the rest of my life. That room and its “things” (read: food) all too often becomes the way station between those two poles.

Quoted from www.aeryan.com

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    • Brookline, MA
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