Sandy Bleifer

  • Powell II 1/14, 1982 Constructed Silkscreen
  • Ikebana XXV A&B, 2016 paper, metal, dried leaves, wire
  • Sacred Lands (front) 2017, ed. 80 offset printing, tar
  • Sacred Lands (back), 2017 ed. 80 offset printing, tar
  • PAPER/Leaves + Plastic II - Fall (diptych), 2019 astroturf, dried leaves
  • Waves V, 2019, paper, newspaper photo, plastic, mixed media
  • Plastic Bag Kimono VII - Childhood, 2016, newspaper photos imbedded in plastic bags.
  • Composting III, hand made paper/mixed media, chicken wire, 2017
  • Artist at work in her studio

SANDY BLEIFER, a long time committed social activist with a focus on social justice, urban revitalization, and our current environment crisis, received her B.A. in Fine Arts at UCLA in 1962 and worked as an Artist in Residence for the Beverly Hills Schools and Central High, a continuation high school in downtown Los Angeles, as well as an art teacher, docent and publisher of curriculum materials in the arts.

Under the aegis of “Space,” a seminal Los Angeles gallery under the direction of Edward Den Lau, she exhibited and sold her work from the early 1970s through 1997 at many galleries and museums including the Downey Museum of Art, University of California, Berkeley, Loyola Marymount University, Mt. St. Mary’s College, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Riverside Art Museum, Chapman College, Palos Verdes Art Center and the art rental galleries of the Newport Harbor Art Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Art, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Her work is included in the collection of the Albuquerque Museum of Art, New Mexico; the Kitakamakura Museum, Japan; and in many private and corporate collections including those of ARCO, IBM, Faberge, Neutrogena, and Security Pacific Bank. She is included in a recently published encyclopedia of Los Angeles artists before the 1980’s, by Lyn Kienholz. In 1975, the City of Los Angeles commissioned her to paint a mural on the Hayvenhurst underpass of the Ventura freeway. It can still be seen there and has been included in the definitive compendium of mural art in Los Angeles, Street Gallery by Robin J. Dunitz. Long a social activist, Bleifer concluded a six-year project to present her Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Project to audiences in the U.S. and Japan in 1995.

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