Sarah Grimm Studio

  • Windows of Tolerance 1, 2022 22x30 inches Acrylic on Paper
  • Windows of Tolerance 2, 2022 16 x30 inches Acrylic on Paper
  • Windows of Tolerance 3, 2022 16 x30 inches Multimedia collage on Paper
  • Ocean Beach, 2022 30x30 inches Acrylic on Canvas
  • Montara Beach, 2021 14x18 inches Acrylic on Canvas

Beginning from my first drawing lesson from my grandmother at the age of six, I have viscerally felt the need for art. Through many twists and travels, I have carried a notebook for sketching and writing. During a semester at SACI in Florence, Italy at the age of 18, I discovered film photography and my passion for storytelling through portraiture and urban landscapes. I received my BA in Visual Art from Brown University in 2013 and there deepened my practices in painting, photography, and multimedia research. After graduation, I worked for two mentors at Brown for a year: as Darkroom Manager and Teaching Assistant for Photography Professor Teresa Ganz, and Design Assistant for the Head of the Creative Arts Council Richard Fishman. Then, I transplanted to the West Coast via a solo road trip in 2014 and have shown my work privately alongside completing graduate studies at California College of the Arts in 2020 and building a career in design for social impact. I launched Sarah Grimm Studio in 2022 with the mission of merging all aspects of my interdisciplinary practice into one small business, and it is from here that I show my paintings, take commissions and offer design consulting services.

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    • San Francisco, CA
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