Nancy J Schneider

I use a camera to examine spiritual connection, a return to the source and the search for Nature, of the external landscape and on an inner/personal level. Since 1990 I have been photographing mainly in Long Island, NY, the place I was raised and where I now reside. Growing up I never saw any nature around me, only power and control as that is commonly found within the suburban environment. However since I have moved back to this area as an adult, I see and hear messages from the natural world on an intuitive level. Nature is alive and has a language of its own. This universal energy, I believe, is within all living things, human and otherwise. I feel we are shaped by the outer environment, just as the surroundings of family, experiences and culture have affected who I am, what and how I see via the emotional, physical and etheric body. It is an eroticism, a feeling from within and without in Nature- purity, truth, essence. It is about the return to the essential part of the self, the core of what we are and what we live within.

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