Mara Scrupe

My art practice employs environmentally proactive strategies; using my knowledge of botany, horticulture, and alternative energy technologies I attempt to call attention to and help save native and heirloom plants. For recent site projects I’ve located, identified, and rescued hundreds of important plants growing on lands slated for development, and in my custom-designed solar-powered greenhouse projects, I’ve grown endangered and threatened species from seed, using organic horticultural methods and clean, renewable energy production in plant propagation and maintenance. Re-introducing plant species and seeds into native habitats is a central goal of my work; specimens grown for my projects are ultimately given away to local gardeners to help repopulate native ecosystems. The manufacture and use of fossil fuels, and the associated production of so-called “greenhouse gases”, is also an important theme of these projects, as is the vital role played by plants in the food web, and the importance of conserving plant materials which serve the animal community and the natural environment as a whole.

Current commissioned projects: Garden for the Third Coast, The Buffalo Bayou Art Park, Houston, Texas, USA (Spring 2005); Pack (The Wolf Project), TICKON (The Tranakaer Centre for Art and Nature) Langeland, Denmark (Summer 2005); The Lichen Project, Fota Arboretum, Cobh, County Cork, Ireland (Fall 2005)

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