Lalitha Shankar

 Lalitha Shankar’s art practice, as a sculptor, has gone through the conventional definition of a sculpture as a free standing piece of art, to producing works where the viewer becomes an integral part of the sculpture, interacting with it and feeling and experiencing the space. This deliberate removal of confining boundaries has served in engaging viewers in a dialogue rather than a monologue, and creating experiences and reactions that are unique to each one. Shankar’s worldview is shaped by the cultural milieu and values that she has grown up with. Over time, she has become increasingly aware of the philosophical and spiritual basis of Indian culture, this influencing the way she observes and experiences the world around her. Her works are interpretations of content pertaining to her cultural environment, with her body and mind as reference points. Her current works convey her convictions of the universality of both spirit and humankind. She would now like to further push the boundaries to illuminate and broaden the understanding of the interweaving between contemporary art and social and philosophical issues.  She has also created site-specific installations within gallery spaces as well as public art projects. She is presently a recipient of a senior fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. 

 Shankar and Trena Noval are the founding artists for 3rd Space Lab, a cultural exchange collective with artists from the Bay Area and Bangalore India.



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