Sheila Novak

  • Cherish, bronze
  • Growing Up Female, bronze
  • Sows 1, bladderword, bronze
  • Sows 2, lillypad seed pod, bronze
  • They Say Beautiful Land Lies Elsewhere, kentucky coffee tree bean pods, honey locust bean pods, bronze
  • Vitality, bronze, hickory nut
  • Vulnerability, milkweed pod, bronze
  • She Seeks, cedar, limestone, steel

My artwork is focused on notions of place as defined by environment, gender and community. I examine the intricate notions of earth as mother and the feminine aspects of landscape.
My work is sparked by a creative response to found objects and the presentation with visual poetry. I examine the power of the land through multi-media sculptures and installations, allowing concept to dictate medium.
I am inspired by natural objects and frequently incorporate them u them in my work alongside steel, wood and cast metals. Integrating such diverse materials allows me to approach the political, while uplifting the power of land and the natural feminine logic of landscape.

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    • , MN
      US - East

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