Susan Hoenig

  • I am the earth and the earth is me. The Arctic Tundra
  • Cave bear- Polar bear
  • The West African Black Rhinocerous and the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave Paintings.
  • Hippos and Papyrus in Ancient Egypt
  • Reversing Desertification: The Savannah Elephant, The Whistling Thorn Acacia Tree and the Resident Crematogaster Mimosae Ants.
  • Mast Year
  • Looking into Simonson's brook, a Palm Warbler.
  • Eelgrass and the Constructivist Great Blue Heron
  • The Red Knot Rufa and the Horseshoe Crab
  • Through the Maple

Art for Conservation, Ecology, Anthropology:
My paintings reveal the beauty of nature and the devastating effects of climate collapse. I depict the symbiotic relationship between habitat, plant and animal life, making visible an evolving landscape of color and distinct geometric form. These forms are connected to a history of Constructivist Art. My paintings re-invent this tradition, as constructions, new symbols for social change. They express an underlying reality, a presence of growth and beauty; that the earth be holdfast to a wavering, mesmerizing world of living diversity and enrichment; that salt marshes and deep forest thrive.

Contact me to request a writing for each painting.

In addition to teaching, I work with a bird bander in the Sourland Mountains of New Jersey.

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    • Princeton, NJ
      US - East
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