Danielle Siembieda

  • Jean Gnome. Instagram Influencer @JeanGnomeArt
  • Mad Mark's Castle Park Sign. Part of Refuse in Refuse project. Collaborators Robin Lasser
  • Boxer Bobs Mansion. Part of Refuse in Refuse project. Collaborators Robin Lasser. Point clouds by F3& Associates.
  • #CulturalCommentaryProject Headline
  • #CulturalCommentaryProject Covid Education Submission
  • Art Inspector Series 2009-now artinspector.org
  • Healthy Art Program: An Energy Smart Exhibition 2012, Social Practice, Institutional Critique, Public Art
  • Building User Response Gadgets (BURG) - MICRO http://www.siembieda.com/burg.html
  • Building User Response Gadgets (BURG) - MACRO http://www.siembieda.com/burg.html
  • Montañas a Mesas: A Game of Speed Agility and Flight 2012, Game Art

As an Alter Eco-Artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area Siembieda works at the intersection of community, emerging technologies, and the environment. She is also an artist in residence at the University of Santa Cruz Genomics Institute home of the Genome Browser through UCSC’s Arts Research Open Lab. Siembieda has an MFA in Digital Media Art at San Jose State University at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media with a focus on green technology and sustainable materials. As the founder of Art Inspector: Saving the Earth by Changing Art, Siembieda has turned this social practice project into a business, acquiring funding from Silicon Valley Energy Watch and working with the City of San Francisco Department of Environment to help artists work healthier and safer. She defines her art at “Alter-Eco Art” bridging Eco-Art practice and New Media at the intersection of environment, technology, and community. Her work has been presented globally including the 01SJ Biennial in the heart of Silicon Valley, the National Gallery in Copenhagen and the Education Center of the National Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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