Sky Gelbron

  • Who's to say that love is wrong? This work is done completely on found leaves, with ecological earth-pigment paints. (Leaves, Natural Earth Pigments, Rubber Cement)
  • This piece is woven with upcycled masking tape (saved from old paintings) to demonstrate the concept that as minds form a connection, they weave into one consciousness. (Up-cycled Masking Tape, Paint)
  • Portrait of an exhausted, yet passionate mother on an up-cycled drawing board. (Acrylic Paint, White Pen, Chalk, Oil Pastel)
  • (Acrylic Paint, Recycled Materials, Wax)
  • In a single glance does our identity reveal itself? Perhaps more accurately, the eye is the door to the soul--behind which unexpected epiphanies of one waits. A river of beauty built on our becoming stellar beings from trepid pasts. This is an interactive piece. (Acrylic Paint, Cardboard, Recycled Doorknobs, Monotype Print)
  • Interior of "Eye of the Stellar Sufferer"

As someone who already adheres strongly to ecological values (veganism, zero-waste, organic and conscious consumer habits), my mission in art is similarly to “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” The majority of my pieces are based in recycled or found objects, up-cycled working surfaces, or ecological materials and technologies such as organic earth-pigments. A recent interest has been working with leaves, which I find not only a beautiful way to honor the earth, but also physically reflects the ephemeral nature of seeing pieces and the mind’s etched images fading over time.

My method of art-making is to not limit myself to one medium or styles, as I see art as a constantly expanding, creative process that will continue to build on itself. I try to learn something new in each piece I make, and for each to have it’s own unique personality.

As I work interdisciplinary, I explore any and all materials including (but not excluded to): oil paint, acrylic paint, gouache, acrylic gel medium, watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, graphite and ebony, chalk, colored pens, graphic markers, digital work, x-acto knife cuts, stitching, plaster cloth, plaster, wood-working, clay, textiles, beading, and more. Some examples of the styles I’ve worked in are realist painting, surrealist painting, refined graphite portraits, graphic pen-work, abstract art, abstract expressionism, manga/anime/comic art, nature art, fashion and fashion illustration, metamorphic works, and more.

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