Vickie Jo Sowell

  • Tanglefoot bee hotel, Emeryville, 2021
  • Cistern project with Christina Bertea, Emeryville, 2020
  • Big Daddy's Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden, Emeryville CA, 2002
  • African Daisy sculpture, 2007
  • Delf Vase, Emeryville CA, 2008
  • African Daisy, Delf Vase, & Peace Towers, located in Big Daddy's Garden, Emeryville CA
  • Hyashi Deer Fence, 2002
  • O'Connor & King fences, 2005
  • Heliotrope, Stockton CA, 2004
  • Oakland Totems, 2006
  • Wall of Whoa, 2011
  • Thistle & The Thorn, 2011

It’s an honor and an obligation to contribute to my urban environment through my sculpture and environmentally conscious gardening activities.  For much more than a decade now I have been creating and installing significant artworks for the community throughout the Bay Area.

The community garden that I founded and coordinate in my home City of Emeryville, “Big Daddy’s Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden,” is aptly named as an inspirational force for an urban resurgence.

Communities seek a sense of their own identity, rooted in time and space.  My work often keys on this need, dynamically uniting the sense of the place with its regional role, a metaphor that fuses the vision of past history with our vision of where we’re going.  I’m extremely proud of the seven narrative historic themes I designed for the over 600 feet of fence panels at the Richmond Transit Village near the Richmond BART station.  This vibrant cultural ribbon has been a real contribution to community revitalization.

Smithsonian directory of gardens for Big Daddy’s: Big Daddy’s Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden | Community of Gardens (

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