Virginia Stearns

I have created a series of fabric pieces designed in part as ecological education tools. These include oversized compost critters (a 16 ft pink velvet earthworm, a 30” sowbug and 10 ft slug) and marine invertebrates (a 40” anemone, a 6 ft sea squirt and barnacle) all out of sumptuous fabrics. In response to learning about the Garbage Vortex I also constructed a 6 foot wide “North Pacific Gyre Meditation Rug” made of a spiraling rope of reused plastic bags.

Working for 20 years on wildlife monitoring and habitat restoration in Mission Creek, San Francisco where I live in a houseboat, I have made floating wildlife islands and butterfly gardens and am presently designing bird perch pilings for permanent installation in our tidal channel to be constructed and installed by the Mission Bay developers.

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    • San Francisco, CA
      US - Pacific

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