Seda Saar

  • Dirty Waters- 24 x 24 Archival C print on Metallic Paper © Seda Saar ed 1/3
  • Parallel Worlds
  • Carbon Inc. 30 x 40 Archival C print ed 1/3
  • Orb I 24 x 24 Cprint on Archival film Backlit Lighbox
  • Pacific Divine
  • Orb II 24 x 50 Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Estuary - River to Sea
  • Transmaterial Killers
  • Pink Poison

Seda Saar is a visionary– an artist who enjoys visual storytelling as a painter, photographer, interior & architectural designer for themed entertainment, film & theater. Seda was born in Iran and raised in the UK, receiving her Bachelors degree in Architecture and Interior Design from London Metropolitan University. A self-taught photographer, Seda has visited and documented some of the world’s most sacred places. She is strongly committed to the education of young minds, renovating village schools in Armenia and Peru, and always in support of the arts as well as environmental conservation efforts & sustainability practices.

My sculptures emerge out of the built environment and are intimately connected to human perception and space. Ecological issues and preservation of the planet play an essential role in my Eco Art photographic works. Perhaps through my work I can begin to make a human connection, thus encouraging the viewer in more active protection of our home.

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    • Glendale, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 8186876564

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