Suzon Fuks

  • 'No boundaries with Water...' #1 - Lau Lagoon, Solomon Islands
  • Lau Lagoon, Solomon Islands
  • 'Water peace?' - Igazu Falls, Argentina
  • 'Blood of the Earth' - Igazu Falls, Argentina. Water changed colours over the years with deforestation.
  • 'No boundaries with Water...' #2 - flying over Australia
  • 'Arterials' - flying over Australia
  • 'Taipei water'
  • 'Water mosaic' - I've been collecting water recordings from around the world
  • 'First Virtual Fountain', installation performance in Yogyakarta, with performer Scotia Monkivitch
  • 'Face the Facts', cyberperformance on Waterwheel's Tap, with 5 performers in different countries

Suzon Fuks is an intermedia artist originally from Brussels, Belgium. Her background is in performing and visual arts. She studied dance, theatre & music and completed a Masters in Visual Arts at La Cambre, a school formed on the Bauhaus philosophy, examining how different artistic disciplines inform each other.

She has lived in Australia since 1996, and has been co-artistic director of the company Igneous since its inception in 1997, with James Cunningham, her long-term collaborator.

Some videos of her work.

In this article, she will describe how and why she initiated the Internet platform Waterwheel, and how Waterwheel connects people all over the world.

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