Lucy and Layla Swinhoe

  • Reveillez! Wake Up! Diptych
  • Images and Illusions No.23
  • Images and Illusions No. 43 & 44 Diptych
  • Images and Illusions No. 88
  • Everyman Film Stills (Frozen Warnings) No. 42a & 42b Diptych
  • Images and Illusions No. 96
  • Everyman Film Stills (Frozen Warnings) No. 6&7 Diptych
  • Everyman Film Stills (Frozen Warnings) No. 5
  • Everyman Film Stills (Frozen Warnings) No.39&40 Diptych
  • Images and Illusions No. 99

We are collaborating identical twin sisters using ourselves as a symbol to represent opposite/parallel aspects, or counterparts. We realise ‘complimentary polarities’ not only through the work’s context (the display is usually an alignment of opposites in various compositions), and content (the twin aspect deals with duality and union through using our bodies as the canvas, to suggest positive and negative perspectives), but through media processes. Photography requires a negative to form a positive – this naturally embodies the concept of our work. However, photography today has changed from a manual process to an instantaneous digital process. Therefore the ‘whole’ is embodied – one thing relies on the existence of another, and they therefore interact. These are merely two faces of the same coin, as are twins’ individuals from the same source. Exposing and questioning notions of reality (either as a controlled environment or a naturally manifesting environment) and how reality shapes us (either individually and/or collectively), through all states of consciousness (and therefore the need to absorb and/or transcend all levels), is explored. A regular thread that has occurred within our collaborative works (as well as the twin or counterpart theme), is the use of the road/street sign where we play on the words in the sign post. Combining reality with fiction (and thus highlighting the ambiguity between art and life), an idea or theme is supported by a real location. Art makes use of many different technical bodies – it needs a vehicle when it meets the land. The visual (etc.) language or aesthetics act as a translation for arts content. The voice of the ‘medium’ communicates, as a body, for the idea /concept. The potential energy of both the medium and the mind as a whole is the function of art and life (they are complimentary), and, as vice versa, art and life are both manipulations (for better or for worse) of mind/matter. The transforming alchemical changes of state(s) reflect the intention(s) of the creative perpetrator. Everything is in flux, and so the work is ongoing…

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