Cheryl Tall

  • Helena's Horse, 2015, 27x15x11", female bust with horsehead
  • Artemesia, 2000, 39x18x22". woman holding endangered Kit Fox
  • Mermaid with Mirror, 2019, 37x14x18", mermaid on top of house, depicting endangered bluffs
  • Tallulah, 2020, 48x18x27, kneeling figure with crown of endangered corals
  • Prima Vera, 2002, 40x20x18", alarmed goddess of spring

Tall portrays archetypal situations that can be used to explore the vagarities of domestic life. Inspiration is derived from personal experiences, travel to other countries and a study of mythology and primitive art. Her sculpture and paintings use humor, texture and color to comment upon our search for meaning, and our connection to our homes, our environment and other people.
Influenced by ancient sculpture, many of her works portray two or more figures in close proximity. Inspired by 11th century medieval stone carvings, several of the faces have a longing or other worldly expression. These figures explore the tensions of today’s society, while cloaked in garments of the past.

In this body of work, she is exploring issues of transformation, unity and duality. Eyes become windows, hair becomes a row of shingles, and a head merges with an animal or architectural shape. Robust goddess figures merge with house forms and animal shapes, expressing her desire for the harmonious existence of human beings with each other, and with a concern for the delicate balance of nature and the environment.
These large scale sculptures and paintings provide an expansive canvas on which to pose her stories. These are stories about togetherness and apartness, and are created from an awareness that somehow we are all connected.

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    • Leucadia, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 760-479-0399

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