Tanja Geis

  • See Bird II, 2016 Cyanotype on paper 36" x 25"
  • Archaea, 2018 Fired clay from mouth of San Gregorio Creek Variable dimensions Permanent installation at Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, CA, USA.
  • In 500 years, what difference will it make? I, 2016 Objects collected on Rodeo Beach, CA, wood platform 8" x 41" x 312"
  • Reef Ball, 2017 75" x 55" San Francisco Bay mud on paper
  • Imprinting Series, 2020 Found mud Various

Tanja Geis makes research-based and site-responsive paintings, installations, video and participatory events that explore liminal and mongrel ecological spaces as zones for perceptual transformation. Geis was born and raised in Hong Kong and is based in the Bay Area, CA.

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