Tatjana Jovancevic

  • Geometry of Water
  • Synapse II
  • Golden Rule
  • Shards
  • False Starts
  • Running Through
  • Gush

My art speaks of things I have a hard time talking about. As an individual from a war-torn country I create art about detachment from physical and true home, sense of identity, pursuit of belonging and reconciliation. These themes are intertwined with a sense of fragility and destruction of nature and of life itself.

The materials I use amplify the ideas that I’m working out in my art. I’m always on the lookout for leaves, wood, old metal scraps, books and random things that I can incorporate into my pieces. There is a sense of redemption at the end of the process. A discarded material is given a new, repurposed life—so is the artist.

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    • Chicago, IL
      US - Midwest

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