Tricia Faulkner

I am an aspiring self-taught artist who portrays art using bold colors and dry brush techniques in primarily Acrylics. I began my professional art career in April 2020 after taking Bold School, an online course with Canadian artist, Charla Maarschalk. Prior to taking the online course I had a 2-year career in Real Estate and a 16-year career as a pharmacist. After I completed my second bold painting of a face, I began receiving commissions. Since April 2020 I have completed over 40 commissions.

Art has always been a part of my life as a young girl. From the age of 5 I sketched cartoons, people’s faces in their presence and often fell into a fantasy realm with conceptual pieces. In 2010 I purchased my first professional camera and started taking photos of interesting emotions in faces, animals and nature knowing that one day I will learn the concepts to paint onto canvas.

With that, I began in bold color and continue to study color theory and take online courses focusing on materials of mixed media and new techniques. My artwork conveys large colorful brush strokes to evoke strong human emotion. My work emphasis is on tragedy and mental healing. Mixed within my concepts is a strong lean toward the Spirit world. I often portray Angels, beings, or animals with wild motion and/or emotion to try and bring empathy, humility, belief in a Higher Power, and sometimes whimsy in my artwork.

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