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Vanessa Albury is an eco-visual artist and activist. Her MFA in Studio Art
from NYU and she hold a BA in Studio Art and a BA in French with a minor
in Art History with honors from the College of Charleston. She was born
and raised in Nashville, TN and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Albury has created
50+ exhibitions in museums, galleries, abandoned spaces and nature. She
is the 2022 Deutsch Bank NYFA/NYSCA Photo Fellow. Albury’s artwork is
image-based taking form as photographs, sculptures, video and social
practices, expanding the traditional view of photographs as “windows
into the world.” Ken Johnson of the NY Times calls her work “haunting.”
Recent solos include Shadowgraphs (Benrubi Gallery) and Arctic, Future
Relics (NurtureArt.) Coral Projects premiering at SPRING/BREAK 2019
received overwhelmingly heartfelt responses to art re-wilding the oceans.
Coral Projects: Everglades Art Lab at the 2019 Untitled Art Fair Miami
presented site-specific, temporary ecological artworks on video
surrounded by native South Florida plants. Coral Projects’ first underwater
exhibition in the Ionian Sea is featured in La Repubblica in September
2022. Her first and NYC’s first biodegradable eco-mural Porthole Waves
(Svalbard) from Stream to Sea was on view September 2022 to September 2023 on Manhattan’s LES.

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