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Verona Fonté is Executive Director of Iris Arts & Education Group whose mission is to produce & support socially relevant media, education & artist projects. She is a skilled digital media artist. For the last 25 years, she has worked with Iris creating digital media products with NGOs around the globe always with a socially relevant theme. Currently, she is part of a collective, “Why Facts Matter’, of media artists who are mentoring digital media students/participants to create PSA’s and short animations for socially relevant causes. Iris Arts is the fiscal sponsor for Why Facts Matter.  Campaigns have focused on GOTV, Pro Democracy, Ocean Advocacy animations. Verona’s focus with this group moving forward is around the Climate Crisis.
Verona also has a doctorate in psychology with over 20 years experience in academic, clinical, and consulting arenas. Her doctoral research explored the relationship of resilience and a sense of mastery to enhance women’s capacity to confront challenging situations. She worked with victims of trauma locally and internationally; and is the author of “Bird Flu What To Do: Prepare To Survive”, a neighborhood/community-based book on disaster preparation. She has worked with children of war, indigenous groups who want to develop a voice in the world, and with young leaders internationally around truth and reconciliation.
She has served on the Board of Peaceworkers International, on the Board of Advisers of Voz Propia Foundation in Costa Rica, and on the Board of WEAD.
She is media/internet savvy; has made multiple shorts/PSA’s, developed websites, books, etc., and likes to fly under the radar.
Specialties: Broad psychological background. Digital media proficient including Adobe products for multiple purposes, & Cinema 4D for 3D projects.

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