Water Kerner

  • "Strength in Diversity" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Dust in the Wind" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Transformation Felt" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Multiple Tell-A-Visions" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Weary Weather Buoy" artist: Water Kerner
  • "A time 4 Us" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Casa Blanca" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Extinct Guadeloupe Parrot" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Illuminated Triptych No.1" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Thunderstorm" artist: Water Kerner
  • "$ Feelings" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Moonlight Manatee" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Illuminated Triptych No.2" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Herstory..." artist: Water Kerner
  • "Corvus Constellation" artist: Water Kerner
  • "Unchained & Unfurled" artist: Water Kerner

WATER KERNER began creating art at the age of 5 in New York. She received her BFA from MICA (one of the oldest & most prestigious art schools in America), and was awarded the highly-coveted Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture Scholarship. At Skowhegan, Water’s talents were again nurtured by a faculty of distinguished & luminary Contemporary Artists including: Francesco Clemente, Judy Pfaff, Mark di Suvero, Ed Moses, and William Wegman. Upon completion of the scholarship, Water was honored with the distinction of the “Skowhegan Sculptor Merit Award”. In 1992 Water moved to Los Angeles to open the pioneering studio L@it2’d (“Latitude”), known as the first Hollywood animation boutique to create digital art for TV & Film studios utilizing cutting edge hardware and software on Apple computers. Lati2d garnered a myriad of creative awards and recognition over the 17 years Water acted as President, Director & Chief Artist/Designer for the company. Prestigious clients included: Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, DreamWorks, Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, David Fincher, Janet Jackson, Spike Jones, Jim Henson Company, Microsoft, Virgin Records, Propaganda Films, NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, and Walt Disney Imagineering. Lati2d was also selected for inclusion in the Walter Annenberg USC Incubator program and 25 creative industry trophies grace Water’s mantle at home, including two prestigious CINE Golden Eagles and the NAFDMA (National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists) Insight Award. Recognized and rewarded for her original and unshakable visual talent, Ms. Kerner decided in 2009 to focus on her fine art inspired by the magic of light, motion and/or sound in a 2000sqft. studio in Los Angeles. Her installations, sculptures and paintings have been shown in cities across the United States and abroad. For a complete list of Art Exhibitions, awards, reviews or information about upcoming Exhibits, Gallery and Museum shows, please visit: www.waterkerner.com

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