Wendy McGrath

  • Reclamation Site#1:Bundanon- work made from hand stitched ghost gum leaves
  • A bed made on the Mary River riparian zone, hand stitched Camphor Laurel leaves, an invasive species
  • Red Shoes Surge installation for Floating Land 2011, a statement on asylum seeker's plight, !,000 hand stitched paper shoes with text and drawings
  • Salt Wreath, an installation at River Heads, Mary River, Size of work 10 metres diameter, materials 78kg sea salt. 2004 Bathing With Mary Project
  • Gaia's Jewel, Catchment Collective Project, an installation made from oyster shells, cloves, white oxide
  • Imploring Forest, installation made from beeswax hand cast hands, for Treeline Green Art Project 2010

My practice is contemporary and multi-disciplinary, including site specific and ephemeral installation, photography, drawing, printmaking, artist’s books, and Design. I am a founding member of the Catchment Collective,artists who work with site specific and ephemeral art projects.

A great respect for the natural environment has inspired me to work with Green Art projects regionally and nationally including Floating Land, Treeline, Sculpture By The Sea, also teaching residencies in remote areas of Northern Australia provide a rich source of inspiration.
Awarded the Noosa Biosphere Artist in Residence for 2015, I will be working with young students on environmental art towards a presentation for Floating Land 2015. My practice and teaching includes non-toxic print media, with work that looks at the fragility of the natural environment and the hybridity in the evolutionary cycle that may be caused by the impacts of human/urban culture.

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    • Cooroy, QLD, OK

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