Melissa Louise Bolger

  • M. L. Leddy's Gator Boots 72 x 42 in. Graphite on paper 2016
  • Custom Stingray High Top Chucks 26 x 38 in. Graphite on paper 2016
  • detail
  • Herm├ęs Lizard "Birkin" Bag 21 x 29 in. graphite on paper 2015
  • Genuine Chicken/Hen Leather ipad case 35 x 45 in. Graphite on paper 2016
  • Frog Hide Leather Sheath 30 x 30 in. Graphite on paper 2016
  • Cosmetic Botox Injections 52 x 38 in. Graphite on paper 2016
  • Cobra Snake Blood Aphrodisiac 12 x 12 in. Graphite on paper 2016
  • Tiger Bone Wine 6 x 6 in. graphite on clay board 2016
  • Pangolin Cure For Demonic Possession 24 x 24 in. conte on paper 2016
  • Rhino Horn Hangover Fix 25 x 19 in. Graphite on paper 2016
  • Bleached 11 x 14 in. graphite on vellum 2015

Melissa Louise Bolger was born in Walsonburg, CO and raised in the country off the grid in northern California. Her surroundings were cliffs, forests, creeks and the voices of animals. After turning 18 she moved to different cities finally settling in Oakland where she has pretty much been ever since. She graduated from California College of the Arts in 2003 and has been creating and showing visual art throughout the Bay Area and in New York where she lived for a short time.

In her work, Bolger seeks to interweave environmental and social themes. Through portraiture she showcases the natural beauty of certain organisms. Her current body of work explores the exploitation of animals for consumer culture. She exposes the raw elements letting the viewer gaze into the innate artistry and abstract pattern. As mesmerized by the animal and plant kingdoms as she is, her work reflects on how the natural beauty of our planet is changing due to the desultory effect of human activity on the environment. Her work encourages the audience to take a closer look at the motives that lead to the catastrophic loss of certain species and the effects this has on the planet as a whole.

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    • 2181 50th ave.
    • oakland CA 94601
    • 917.763.0356

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