Mary Bayard White

  • Gilbert F. White Memorial Flood Marker Project, Boulder, CO
  • Gilbert F. White Memorial Flood Marker Project,
  • Gilbert F. White Memorial Flood Marker Project,
  • The Solar Powered Bird Depot Series 1
  • The Solar Powered Bird Depot Series 3
  • 2006 �For the Birds Installation�, Bioneers, Marin Civic Center, Marin County, CA
  • 2006 �For the Birds Installation�, Bioneers, Marin Civic Center, Marin County, CA
  • 2005 �Eco Visions�, ", Bird habitat Installation piece, In conjunction with World Environment Day, Thoreau Center, Presidio, San Francisco, CA
  • Wanderers & Seekers, Migration Series
  • Rolling One Day At A Time Towards Sustainability, recycled glass and clay
  • Brenn Environmental Center Visitor room recycled glass

At this time in my life and career as an artist/ educator, I am most interested in the intersection of art/ craft, environmental sciences, arts education and peace making.  My early training is in the field of craft, specifically glass, ceramics and metals.  The joy and challenges of practicing the “seeing and making” process are vehicles to evoke the magical power of  creative inter-change, to stimulate the rich art flux that can bring diverse people together to talk and learn from each other, that can bring forth the best in each individual thru looking anew, that can bring forth new visions and new vehicles for finding innovative approaches to critical environmental and social problems facing the earth and its residents.   Visual inquiry brings forth curiosity, hope, humor, appreciation, and affection, some of my favorite states of being.

My current projects include:

-Collaborating with a talented team of artists, city officials, scientists and engineers to build an 18 foot high flood level marker in Boulder, CO to increase flood education and discourse about the natural forces of water in a high risk flood zone.

-Building pedal powered sources of electricity and water pumps with youth to investigate and gain knowledge and awareness of energy and water usage.

-Creating solar powered birdbaths for urban wild bird populations, encouraging urban dwellers to appreciate and see daily entertainment within their immediate urban natural world.

-Using reused broken window glass and scrape metal and wood to build sculptural “house” forms, investigating the concept of “habitat and shelter” and how one responds to the natural world around them? What is needed to make a “home”?  What is the meaning of the inner light?  Are joy and light positive fuels for the inner habitat, more than objects?  How do I contribute, thru my work, to the right of all people to live with decent shelter, food and drinking water, and in sustainable harmony with the physical landscape?

Jerry Michelin Sears – Collaborator, furniture maker, atomic vet
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