Linda Wysong

  • Water Education Plaza, Portland Community College, Portland, 2011. Steel & concrete 28” x 48” x 36” .
  • Water Education Plaza, Portland Community College, Portland, 2011. Steel & concrete 28” x 48” x 36” .
  • Urban Waterfall, SE Clay Green Street, Portland, Oregon 2011
  • Portland Middle School class at Water Education Plaza 2013
  • Clay Street Performance /Tour, The Tour presented as part of the Open Engagement Conference on Social Practice, Portland, Oregon, May 2010.
  • Backyard Conversations, South Waterfront, Portland, OR, artist developed 3 performance/tours: 1.Water, 2. History & 3.Constructing Community Artist in Residence (AiR) Program 2008
  • Vanport/Delta Park Station, Interstate MAX Line, Portland, OR, 2000 - 04 Stormwater Swale 250’ x 25’ the 3 corten roof sculptures - 16”x16”x24” 2004
  • Waterline, water quality pond/sculpture site, 240’ long and 130’ >50’ across 2004

Looking at natural and urban systems, I explore their continually evolving relationship with our daily lives. Striving to create opportunities to “re-see” the everyday world in a new and revealing manner, my practice is not centered in object making but deals with space, experience, and site.

The work began by examining the cycle of building and demolition that is integral to our cities. It now includes waste, water, communications, transportation, and land use and looks at each of these systems in relationship to human history and the natural world. Water, an elemental substance at the intersection of community, urban design, and the organic world has become increasingly important in my work.

As environmental concerns become more crucial to our survival, we must utilize both public policy and our cultural resources. Art can beautify but it can also communicate and inform. I attempt to walk this delicate line. My grass-roots orientation and strong belief in art that has a broad base means that connecting with the community continues to be an important aspect of my practice

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