Amy M. Youngs

  • Roots Weaving Waves
  • River Construct
  • Digestive Table
  • Intraterrestrial Soundings
  • Belonging to Soil - virtual reality experience
  • Belonging to Soil - subterrariums
  • Becoming Biodiversity app
  • Becoming Biodiversity app
  • Holodeck for House Crickets

Amy Youngs creates eco art, interactive sculptures, and digital media works that explore entanglements between technology, plants, and animals. Her interdisciplinary research involves empathy, relationships with non-humans, ecosystem construction, and seeing through the eyes of machines. She has created installations that amplify the sounds of living worms, indoor ecosystems powered by a rocking chair, an interactive museum for live insects, and an augmented reality tour of real nature.

Key words: Posthuman, Ecocentric, Soil Ecology, Embodied, Art and Technology, EcoTech

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    • Columbus, OH
      US - East

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