Olga Lebedeva

In my work, I like to experiment with different media, sometimes a bit unexpected, like wine as a watercolor. Without any formal training in either drawing or painting, I have to just trust the instinct and go for it to see what happens. I’ve done costume designs for music videos in my past and looking to expand my art skills for a solo show.

I tend to write poetry that is sparked by random art or people I come across. This time around the challenge was to create art to go with my writing from the previous years. Now I am exploring color and incorporating one of my favorite medias – embroidery.

My vision is to be honest in the deepest feelings and emotions life awakes in us… to be retrospective to understand why we are feeling what we are feeling and to see how rich, how complex the life is… I want people to pause, if for a moment, to truly appreciate this gift we are given so unconditionally. …I want to recognize beauty even in the hardest times we go through, because the life is meaningless otherwise.

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